Introducing SolShare

SolShare is a smart hardware that physically splits the energy from a single rooftop solar system and divides it between multiple dwellings.

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SolShare Explained

SolShare takes the power generated from a single rooftop PV array and directs it to multiple flats within the same building.

This behind-the-meter solution make solar for flats possible.

By connecting behind-the-meter, it delivers energy directly to each household. Allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of solar while retaining the right to choose their energy retailer.

Classed as a direct connection of solar to flats, SolShare solar systems qualify for the maximum SAP uplift, and almost always achieve an EPC uplift of at least one band.

How SolShare works

Physically connects solar PV behind-the-meter.

SolShare is classed as a direct connection of solar PV for SAP calculations gaining maximum points.

Tailorable kWp allocation for each flat.

SolShare’s ability to allocate kWp on a 100W basis allows for the maximum return on investment from the solar PV system. Give each flat exactly what they need to achieve your EPC goals.

Maximises energy consumption.

SolShare delivers each residents solar allocation when they’re using energy. This increase in solar usage equates to a direct increase in bill savings for every household.

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Learn More

SolCentre Monitoring Portal

The SolCentre monitoring portal provides you access to:

  • Energy data of every connected flat
  • Fuel poverty alerts (soon to be launched!)
  • Fault and underperformance monitoring
  • All under GDPR compliance

Key Features

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4 Million

Compatible with all low to medium rise apartment buildings


Higher on-site consumption when compared to individual systems


Reduction in consumption of electricity from the grid

Monitoring portal integrations

Industry leading commissioning app

Billions of pounds of funding available

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