More than 2M Australians, 15M Americans, and 300M Europeans live in low and medium rise apartment buildings, with the roof space for solar but, until recently, no way of accessing energy generated from it.

We didn’t think this was fair, so we developed a world-first technology, SolShare™️, which enables fair sharing of solar energy from a single rooftop solar PV system amongst multiple dwellings within the same building.

This breaks down the technical and ownership barriers that have historically prevented apartment residents from accessing cheaper and cleaner energy from the sun. With an established market in Australia, Allume is now in five countries and growing rapidly.

Our Vision

A world where everyone can access clean and affordable energy from the sun.

Our Mission

Developing and scaling world first solutions to empower multi-dwelling customers with rooftop solar.

Our Values

Courage to create

Passion to persevere

Diligence to deliver

Share the power

Solve problems that matter