Why SolShare?

SolShare is the world’s only hardware for connecting multiple flats to a single rooftop PV array. Classed as a direct connection of solar to flats – achieving maximum SAP score uplift – it’s used by social housing providers and property developers across the UK to reach their EPC goals and reduce the energy bills of every household.

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Save Money

1 inverter = 1 SolShare

Exclusive & High-value projects

Allume provides qualified leads to top-tier partners.

Install larger systems on the same building

Upsell a small landlord system to a high-value SolShare system.

Tailorable kWp to each flat

Maximise the value of the PV by being able to allocate on a 100W basis.

Ofgem certified ECO4 Innovation Measure

Involved in ECO? Gain 45% more funding when including SolShare.

Ease of installation

Easy install, quick commissioning, behind the meter.

Keen to become an installer partner?

To purchase a SolShare you must first be a certified installer. Allume offer a comprehensive training and support service to our network of certified installers.

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How it works

SolShare creates a direct behind-the-meter connection of rooftop solar PV to each flat in the building. Take a deeper dive into how it works.

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SolCentre Energy Monitoring

With every SolShare installation, you have access to the powerful energy and monitoring platform SolCentre: 

  • Fault and underperformance alerts mean your systems are always performing to their best.
  • Your clients will be able to monitor the energy data of every connected flat and be alerted if low energy usage could indicate a household’s in fuel poverty. Vital for Social Housing Providers.
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Yes. The SolShare is classed as a direct connection of solar PV to flats. It therefore qualifies for SAP 10.2 PV credits – typically adding 5-15 SAP points to each flat.

Yes. The SolShare typically adds 5-15 SAP points to a flat. As each EPC band is around 10 points, each flat is highly likely to increase it’s EPC band by at least one rating.

Yes, any separately metered connection can be added to a SolShare system, including the Landlord supply.

The SolShare comes with an industry standard 10-year warranty.

Yes, batteries can be included in the system. Even better, because the SolShare is a shared system, your batteries will also be shared. This means that rather than needing to buy an expensive battery for every connected unit, you simply by a communal battery that everyone uses when they need it. This greatly increases their value for money.

Every SolShare installation is unique. Once we have gained the relevant information from you, we will introduce you to one of our certified SolShare installation partners. They will be able to talk you through what is most suitable for your building.

Typically, the SolShare is suitable for apartment buildings that have more than 6 apartments. Send us an enquiry and we will be happy to see if our technology is suitable for your apartment building.

As with all solar installations, every connected unit must have a smart electricity meter. If the apartments don’t have smart meters, don’t worry. Our certified SolShare Installation Partners will be able to guide you through upgrading. Residents can also contact their energy retailer directly and upgrade the meters in advance.

Every connected unit will receive feed-in tariff payment for any solar they don’t use.
The SolShare ensures that the same quantity of solar is delivered to each connected unit over the course of each month. It works hard to deliver each unit’s solar when they are using power and therefore when they’re going to save the most amount of money. However, if this is not possible and more solar is being delivered than can be consumed then it will be exported to the grid and your retailer will buy it off you.

No. Residents can stay with their existing retailer, or to choose to change to another one. They can also access any market protections provided for vulnerable electricity customers, if applicable.

The SolShare qualifies for numerous funding schemes, including the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 2 and ECO4 funding. Contact us for guidance.

There are a number of factors in determining this, the main one being how much energy you use. But on average, a 40% reduction in grid energy usage can be achieved. This is increased further if batteries are included. See our cases studies for more information on price and payback.

The monitoring portal provides energy data for the entire building and is available to the system owner. This is often a stipulation for funding initiatives like the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 2.

To apply to be a certified SolShare installation Partner, simply fill out the contact form and we will send you a more detailed request form.

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