Increase EPC ratings for new build flats with SolShare

SolShare empowers you to fine-tune the energy efficiency rating of each flat through precise kWp allocation. This translates to a customised SAP boost of 5-15 points.

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6 SolShares installed in a plant room on the roof of a 100 flat apartment building

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Tailorable kWp to each flat

Maximise you ROI by directing the exact amount of kWp to each flat.

Zero resident engagement

No sign ups, no complexity.

Monitors all energy data

SolCentre provides you with all the energy data you need: total energy demand, and solar delivered, consumed & exported. On a per flat basis.

Pairs with complimentary tech

Pair SolShare with batteries, PV diverters, and smart devices to achieve your sustainability goals.

Seamless integration

Suitable for private & B2R, and traditional or private wire building networks.

Reduces the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) & running costs

Improve the carbon savings (DER) and the running costs of the building.

See how SolShare gets the most from your solar PV system

By allocating the specific kWp to each flat needs, you can add the exact SAP points required to achieve your EPC goals. This table shows how modular house builder TopHat have specified the exact kWp to each flat to bring them all from a varying EPC C to a level EPC B.

PV array connected only to the Landlord supply PV array connected to each flat via the SolShare
Solar connected as ‘One Block, Multiple Dwellings Direct Connection to One Dwelling
Annual Energy Apportioned** PV System Capacity***
Flat Type Count kWh per year SAP Rating EPC Band kWp SAP Rating EPC Band SAP Score Increase
2B4P Top floor 1 1200 72 C 1.5 81 B 9
2B4P Mid floor 2 825 77 C 1 82 B 5
2B4P Ground floor 1 1205 72 C 1.6 81 B 9
1B2P Top floor 4 775 76 C 1 82 B 6
1B2P Mid floor 8 500 80 C 0.5 82 B 2
1B2P Ground floor 4 800 75 C 1 82 B 7
14995 kWh/year total requirement* 32.4 kWp overall array required

*Approx. yield from 33kWp system as calculated using SAP methodology (pessimistic).
**kWh per year required for ADL1A 2013 block compliance.
***kWp required per type to boost EPC rating to ‘B’. Also sufficient to achieve ADL1A 2013 block compliance
****In reality two of this type will not receive PV energy in order to limit system to 2 no. SolShare (2 x 15 feeds).

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Allume can provide a free assessment for your project that will demonstrate the SAP uplift for each flat and indicative costs.

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Allume how it works

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How it works

SolShare creates a direct, behind-the-meter connection of rooftop solar PV to each flat in the building. Take a deeper dive into how it works.

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Listen to what our clients are saying

Watch a short video on what residents say about the benefits that they’ve seen because of SolShare.

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Yes. The SolShare is classed as a direct connection of solar PV to flats. It therefore qualifies for SAP 10.2 PV credits – typically adding 5-15 SAP points to each flat.

Yes. The SolShare typically adds 5-15 SAP points to a flat. As each EPC band is around 10 points, each flat is highly likely to increase it’s EPC band by at least one rating.

No. Depending on your requirements, you can select just some of the flats to be connected to solar. The most common reason for this is that some of the flats have not achieved the desired EPC rating. If this is the case, you can connect just those flats to the solar to achieve your EPC goals at the lowest possible cost.

Yes, any separately metered connection can be added to a SolShare system, including the Landlord supply.

The SolShare comes with an industry standard 10-year warranty.

Yes, batteries can be included in the system. Even better, because the SolShare is a shared system, your batteries will also be shared. This means that rather than needing to buy an expensive battery for every connected unit, you simply by a communal battery that everyone uses when they need it. This greatly increases their value for money.

Every SolShare installation is unique. Once we have gained the relevant information from you, we will introduce you to one of our certified SolShare installation partners. They will be able to talk you through what is most suitable for your building.

Typically, SolShare is suitable for apartment buildings that have more than 6 apartments. Send us an enquiry and we will be happy to see if our technology is suitable for your apartment building.

Every connected unit will receive feed-in tariff payment for any solar they don’t use.
The SolShare ensures that the same quantity of solar is delivered to each connected unit over the course of each month. It works hard to deliver each unit’s solar when they are using power and therefore when they’re going to save the most amount of money. However, if this is not possible and more solar is being delivered than can be consumed then it will be exported to the grid and your retailer will buy it off you.

No. Residents can stay with their existing retailer, or to choose to change to another one. They can also access any market protections provided for vulnerable electricity customers, if applicable.

Allume can provide a free assessment for architects, consultants and developers, indicating SAP uplift and costs. Gives us some details below and our technical team will reach out.

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