Introducing SolShare™️

SolShare is a smart hardware that physically splits the energy from a single rooftop solar system and divides it between multiple dwellings.

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The magic happens inside each SolShare unit – think of these as the brains of the technology, which are normally situated near the electricity meter board. It can be paired with any solar system.

How SolShare works

Physically splits the solar energy via a hardware device.

As the electricity is piped down from the building’s solar system, it enters the SolShare, which splits the energy according to the demand in the building at the time.

Divides it fairly between tenants over the course of a month.

SolShare’s dynamic sharing algorithm then decides where and when to send the energy in the building to ensure everyone gets the right amount of energy.

This could be an equal share, or varying allocations according to each apartment’s size. It also sends some to common areas.

Maximises energy consumption.

The software also ensures solar energy consumption is maximised and as little as possible is fed back into the grid. Which means more clean energy is used, and more savings!

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Monitor energy data

With our SolCentre monitoring portal, you’ll be able to see:

  • How much electricity you’re using
  • How much solar energy you’re being allocated
  • How much surplus solar you’re exporting back into the grid
  • How to maximise the value of your solar by adapting your behaviour to use energy at the right time

Key Features

Get started on your journey to shared solar


Compatible with apartment buildings from 5-60 units


Higher on-site consumption when compared to individual systems


Reduction in consumption of electricity from the grid

Monitoring portal integrations

Industry leading commissioning app

Various purchasing methods available

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