SolShare Divides & Distributes Energy

SolShare is used to control the division of alternating current (AC) from a single supplementary power source to multiple loads, each of which have a parallel supply from the electricity grid.

The most common usage for the SolShare is to be supplied power by a grid-connected inverter as part of a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system on a multi-unit building like an apartment building or multi-office/retail building.

SolShare delivers AC energy from this shared power source downstream of an apartment’s retail electricity meter, and monitors each apartment’s power draw from the electrical grid to inform the dynamic distribution of AC energy among the connected apartments.

Optimised Power Sharing

The SolShare monitors the connected units’ demand and instantaneously directs the supplied power to optimise power delivery to the units. It achieves this by monitoring two key data points: the total solar power that’s available to be delivered; and each connected unit’s demand from the grid.

The SolShare monitors the demand of each connected unit and every 200 milliseconds determines optional solar delivery to maximise on site solar, which directly correlates to maximising savings.

Solar consumption for 4 separate solar systems on four apartments vs. Solar consumption all 4 apartments with SolShare
Solar energy consumption | Total energy demand

Being able to tailor the solar delivery 5 times a second results in up to 55% more solar being consumed on site when compared to if each apartment had their own individual solar system.

The behind-the-meter solution requires no change to smart meter infrastructure and is intuitively designed to make the installation process as simple as possible for solar installer partners.

SolShare is suitable for both three-phase and single-phase applications.

Information on how to design a SolShare system can be found by requesting Allume’s SolShare System & SLD Design Rules document.

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General Specifications
Parameter Value
Dimensions 920*485*270mm(H*W*D)
Weight 38kg
Max Number of connections per unit 15 single-phase or 5 three-phase(or a combination)
Install environment Degree of protection IP56(as per IEC 60529)
Operating temperature range -20 – 50°C
Metering accuracy +2%
Electrical Specifications
Parameter Value(at 25°c)
Max nominal current (per phase) 35 A
Voltage range (phase to neutral) 216 – 260 VAC
Voltage drop (I is nominal current) 2.8 V
Mains frequency range 50-60 Hz
Overcurrent rating 30KA
Max power input at 230V (recommended) 22kw
Input Power Factor 1
Safety Certification
Description Certification
The SolShare is a certified with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) AS/NZS3820:2009

There is much more technical information on SolShare in our Document Library – enquire with us to become an accredited Allume partner to access this library.

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