Introducing SolShare™️

SolShare is a hardware and software solution that physically splits the energy from a rooftop solar system and divides it between multiple dwellings.

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The SolShare is a UL listed, behind-the-meter, software and hardware solution. The device is designed to provide multi-tenant properties a cost-effective way to provide solar energy to their tenants. This is achieved by creating the ability for a single solar energy system on site to provide power to up to ten participating tenants, rather than relying on multiple systems.

The device is typically mounted next to the inverters on site and is simple to install and operate.

How SolShare works


No need for the utility to change their billing system or create a new solar program.

Distributes solar

Distributes solar from a single rooftop system to multiple 120/240v meters in a building.

Connected centrally

Outputs wire at the building’s meter band, offering a non-invasive installation process for tenants.

Custom solar allocation to each tenant

The SolShare algorithm ensures each tenant receives their allocated share of solar energy each month. The default algorithm ensures solar is shared evenly among all tenants.


Scalable – can connect up to 10 apartments per SolShare

Customizable allocation – shared or uneven

Reduce energy bills and carbon footprint

Monitor energy data

With our SolCenter monitoring portal, you can see:

  • Total electricity being consumed by the building, both grid and solar
  • How much solar energy is being allocated
  • How much surplus solar is being exported back into the grid
  • How to maximize the value of solar by adapting behavior to use energy at the right time

Key Features

Get started on your journey to shared solar.

3+ Apartments

Perfect for low rise multifamily assets with 3 or more units in each building.


Higher on-site consumption when compared to individual systems


Reduction in consumption of electricity from the grid

Monitoring portal integrations

Industry leading commissioning app

Various purchasing methods are available

Get shared solar for your building or portfolio

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