Benefits for Multifamily Asset Owners & Managers

Increase NOI

Meet energy usage and reporting goals

Improve tenant satisfaction

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SolShare™️ solves the “split incentive” that has prevented multifamily tenants from accessing solar.

It allocates power to both common areas and apartment units so asset owners can lower operating expenses and tenant can benefit from lower utility costs.

Asset owners can include a discounted amenity fee to recuperate their investment and create a new ongoing revenue stream from solar as a service.

Energy Monitoring Platform

SolCenter is our energy monitoring platform included with SolShare. It allows asset owners & managers to view full building grid & solar energy usage.

For tenants, it allows them to view individual usage, so they can adapt their behavior to benefit from the maximum bill savings.

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How it works

SolShare divides energy from a single rooftop solar system between multiple apartments.

It provides flexible solar allocation to apartment units allowing for adjustments when tenants move out.



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