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Unlocking Solar for Flats Across the UK

Rooftop solar has only been accessible to stand alone homes – until now, thanks to the SolShare

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See how the SolShare connects flats and apartments to rooftop solar panels.

The SolShare allows apartments and flats to access rooftop solar in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.

Increase the the SAP score and EPC rating of every flat in the building, and most importantly, save money for every household by reducing their electricity bills.

Detailing the benefits and costs of a SolShare installation in London. Connecting 7 flats and the Landlord supply to a 10kW solar system. Realised benefits include:

  • 20% reduction in grid energy usage
  • £208 yearly bill savings per flat
  • £647 yearly bill saving for Landlord supply
  • 2 tonnes of CO2 saved per year

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Learn more about Allume Energy’s business model and how social housing providers, property developers and solar installers can access the SolShare for new builds and retrofits.

Allume Energy has over 100 systems installed across the UK, US, and Australia that are supplying solar energy to 1000’s of users. Our customer base ranges from Victoria era social housing to brand new luxury builds.
Every flat can benefit from a SolShare.

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Rooftop Solar is Booming

Standalone homes and offices have been enjoying the benefits of rooftop solar for years.

Typically, if solar panels are installed on an apartment building, it’s only connected to the landlord supply, providing zero benefit to the residents.

Flats across the UK can now access solar power

The SolShare is the world’s only hardware for connecting multiple flats to a single rooftop solar system.

Each flat is guaranteed to receive a set percentage of the solar energy that’s generated, so everything’s fair. On top of this, the SolShare continually monitors which flats are using energy and sends the solar to them. This optimised solar delivery maximises the bill savings for every household.

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We currently have well over 100 systems installed across the UK, US and Australia that are supplying solar energy to well over 1,000 flats ranging from Victoria era social housing to luxury new builds.

Every flat can benefit from a SolShare solar system.

The SolShare is Connected Behind the Meter

The SolShare is installed in communal areas, resulting in minimal disruption for the residents with no complex hardware within their homes.

It's a simple, effective and affordable solution to solar for flats in the private and housing association sectors.

Every Resident Receives Optimal Solar Delivery

The SolShare optimises its solar delivery to maximise the benefit to every resident.

Our system will identify when an apartment requires energy and automatically send solar to it.

By doing this, flats connected to solar panels via the SolShare can cover as much as 70% of their energy costs, as opposed to 40% of their energy costs had they been able to access a more traditional rooftop solar direct to the flat.

An even greater benefit can be gained when the SolShare is paired with batteries. A system of solar panels, batteries, and a SolShare can easily achieve net-zero flats.

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Ready To Include Solar In Your Next Apartment Project?

Flat Owners

You and your neighbours can save money and the planet by installing a SolShare solar PV system for your flats.

Social Housing

The SolShare solar PV can be installed on your apartment buildings, saving your residents money and increasing the EPC rating of every connected household.

New Builds

The SolShare can be used to achieve higher SAP scores, while increasing the market ability and value of your development.

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