Allume’s vision is a world where everyone can access clean and affordable energy from the sun. We believe everyone deserves the power to reduce their electricity bill and carbon footprint. For too long residents in multi-tenanted buildings have been left out of the opportunity to take control of their electricity usage through rooftop solar.

As a result, they have been left paying ever increasing electricity rates. We did not think this was fair, so we built the SolShare to level the playing field, giving everyone the ability to obtain free solar power for their home.


A world where everyone can access clean and affordable energy from the sun


Solve Problems that Matter


Have the Courage to Create, the Passion to Persevere, and the Diligence to Deliver

Unlocking solar for 40% of the planet

Over 300 million people live in apartments in the EU, USA and Australia alone. 300 million people who currently aren’t able to enjoy the proven benefits of solar, just because they live in an apartment. The SolShare is the world’s only hardware solution for apartment solar power and Allume, along with our delivery partners across the world, are helping to achieve our vision of a world where everyone can access clean energy.

Global Coverage

Our Headquarters are based in the bustling city of Melbourne, Australia. Our Americas office is in California, home of the world’s leading tech ecosystem. For Europe, we’re based in the beautiful city of Paris.

Proudly Australian-made

We are proud to be developing and building this world first technology in Australia. Watch this video below to find out more: