Why partner with us?

16% of Australians now live in apartments. All of them want clean, affordable electricity.

Solar installers, retailers & EPCs can now access a previously untapped market thanks to the world’s only solution for connecting a single rooftop solar system to apartments.


Untapped Market

Cater to an emerging market with innovative solutions for multi-tenant buildings, setting your offerings apart.

Exclusive Leads

We need certified solar installers for our growing pipeline of multi-tenant solar projects.

Competitive Edge

Stand out with cutting-edge SolShare technology and expand your portfolio.

Who We’re Looking For

Solar Installers & Electricians

Role: Our SolShare™️ Installation Partners
Requirement: Undertake technical training in order to install SolShare.

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Solar retailers & EPCs

Role: We work with a limited number of quality Allume Solutions Partners in each state. Must have engineering & sales capabilities.
Requirement: Take sales training to build their multi-tenant pipelines.

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How SolShare Works

The world’s only behind-the-meter solar sharing technology.

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Our Team

Meet our technical partnerships team

Vincent Obasuyi
Technical Sales Engineer

William Allume Headshot

Will Anstee
Housing Partnerships Manager

Partner Training Resources

Dive into our comprehensive training modules and detailed technical documentation, tailored to ensure you have all the tools and knowledge at your fingertips.

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SolCentre Benefits

SolCentre helps you monitor the energy data for buildings with a SolShare solar system to make operations & maintenance easy. It also offers a value-add for your customers.

Comprehensive Energy Monitoring

Detailed & Valuable Insights

Identify Operational Issues

Data Accessibility & Customer Service

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