Document Library

Marketing Resources

  1. Co-marketing guidelines
  2. Allume logos
  3. Case studies – apartments
  4. Case studies – developers
  5. Case studies – social housing


Sales Collateral

  1. SolShare 1 pager
  2. SolShare Explained – residential
  3. Allume – how to order
  4. SolShare warranty document (ANZ)
  5. SolShare guide for new builds
  6. SolCentre monitoring portal info pack (ANZ)
  7. Video (2 mins): SolCentre for tenants (ANZ)
  8. SolCentre monitoring portal flyer for tenants (ANZ)
  9. Video (3 mins): SolCentre for solar partners and asset managers (ANZ)
  10. SolCentre monitoring portal flyer for solar partners (ANZ)


Technical Documentation

  1. SolShare 3P Datasheet (Australia and UK)
    SolShare 2P Datasheet (USA)
  2. Australia – SolShare installation manual V4.1 (4G)
    Australia – SolShare installation manual V5.1 (Wi-Fi only)
    USA – SolShare installation manual
  3. SolShare system & SLD design guide
  4. SolShare pre-installation checklist
  5. SolShare labelling advice
  6. SolShare commissioning app guide
  7. SolShare DNSP interconnection guide
    Annexes to DNSP Interconnection guide
    Design and installation requirements for South Australia
    SolShare additional OTR tests for South Australia
  8. SolShare site suitability and quoting checklist
  9. SolShare designer training – which questions do I ask
  10. SolShare designer training – good to know
  11. NPU guidance for SolShare installations
  12. Changing Wi-Fi credentials on the SolShare
  13. SolShare Wi-Fi FAQs
  14. Battery guidance for SolShare installations
  15. SolShare solar sharing modes
  16. Small-Scale Technology Certificate Guidance for SolShare installations
  17. SolShare Training Flyer
  18. Installing SolShare with three-phase tenancies