Millions of apartment residents have the roof space for solar but no way of accessing it.

Introducing SolShare™

Split energy from a single rooftop solar system

Share it fairly amongst the apartments and common areas

Maximise your savings

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How Solshare Works

This behind-the-meter solution splits the electricity from the solar system via a hardware device and its ‘dynamic sharing algorithm’ allocates it fairly to residents over the course of a month.

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Benefits of SolShare

A shared rooftop solar system using our SolShare technology typically results in higher solar utilisation, lower grid consumption and lower energy bills compared with individual solar systems.


Reduction in electricity bills


Reduction in grid electricity

28 Tonnes

CO₂ Per building eliminated

Case Studies

View detailed information about our shared solar projects across social housing, new builds and privately owned apartments.

SolShare Project Locations

We’re now providing shared solar energy to over 2,500 apartments, across five countries and three continents.

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