Ramp-up right: how to thrive in periods of rapid growth


The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a good time to take pause; reflecting on the highlights, reliving the moments of joy and taking pride in the challenges overcome. And then thinking ahead to the goals that inspire us, what to focus more on and what to leave behind.


2021 was a pivotal year of growth for Allume Energy.

Some key statistics:

  • The Allume team doubled in size, with team members now in 4 countries
  • Recognition across Europe and Australia with six major industry awards
  • Close to 300 SolShares built and counting, despite global component shortages
  • Projects across 3 continents
  • Close to 300 social housing dwellings connected to solar via the SolShare, with installations planned for more than 700. This is a market that is especially close to our hearts.

All of this has been achieved while designing and manufacturing the SolShare in Melbourne; a city that has had more days of lockdown than any other in the world. We could not be prouder of our team’s resilience in the face of extreme challenges.

Commercialising new technology successfully is a marathon not a sprint; therefore, growing in a way that is sustainable is essential to Allume’s continued success. I would like to share some principles that Allume has learnt and validated through lived experience.


People and relationships are the cornerstones of a successful business.

That means deeply listening to and valuing your customers.

Attracting investors that will both financially and strategically support you.

Building a network of highly competent development and manufacturing partners.

And of course, developing a happy, highly motivated and well-balanced team. This last point is so important that I would like to share a few thoughts:

  • Hire in a thoughtful way; taking the time to find happy, smart, value-driven people that are learners as opposed to knowers.
  • Mould roles and growth opportunities that work to team members strengths and passions; allowing them to thrive not just survive.
  • Celebrate the wins along the way because the next challenge will always be around the corner.
  • Alignment on goals and culture requires continual nurturing as you grow. This can be achieved more successfully by regularity and consistency of communication and opportunities for connection, as opposed to infrequent grand gestures.



Have a plan but do not over plan or cling to it.

While you can proactively mitigate risks and go after strategic opportunities, you cannot predict everything. Who could have predicted COVID-19 and all the specific challenges that would come along with it? When the challenge hits you want to have an adaptable team that can adjust course like a cheetah, not a hippopotamus.


As a leader a couple of my reflections for the year have been:

Energy is more important than time. Therefore, intimately understanding what energises and equally de-energises you as an individual is paramount. An example for me is that I am deeply inspired by Allume’s vision of a world where everyone can access clean and affordable energy from the sun. Therefore, taking regular time to focus on feeling the opportunity I have to create the change I would like to see in the world helps me keep going through the grind.

Leadership can be lonely so it’s essential to have a strong support network around you. For me maintaining relationships with trusted mentors in the industry and being part of leadership groups that contain high quality people have been important.

There are many more reflections and lessons that I could share, but that will have to wait because 2022 has begun and with it comes a multitude of opportunities for Allume. There will be more hurdles and lessons ahead, but I am confident we are up to the challenge. Because I believe we have the desire, the talent and the technology to achieve our vision.


If you’re interested in joining the Allume Team, follow us on LinkedIn to see all our job openings. We are hiring for a number of exciting roles currently. 

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