Allume’s SolShare: UK Compliance & Acceptance


SolShare is the world’s only hardware for connecting a single grid-tied solar PV system to multiple, separately metered units behind-the-meter. The uniqueness of this hardware solution makes it a go-to technology to reduce the energy bills and increase the SAP / EPC score of flats across the UK.

As part of SolShare’s market entry into the UK, Allume conducted a thorough compliance and acceptance signoff process, which included all relevant governing and industry bodies.

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UKCA certification

SolShare is fully compliant for installation across the UK and as such, holds the UK CA mark. By holding the UKCA mark, SolShare conforms with all relevant electrical regulations and British standards.

DNO and ENA acceptance

SolShare has been reviewed by all UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and accepted for installation across all UK networks.

Note: As the SolShare is not a power generating device (PV inverter) it cannot and does not need to be ‘type test’ certified. This is why the SolShare itself is not a type test certified product.

Ofgem acceptance for ECO4

SolShare went under a rigorous review by Ofgem and accepted as an ‘innovation measure of substantial uplift’ for the ECO4 funding initiative. To gain this classification, Ofgem declared SolShare as a ‘technology that is a significant improvement on the closest alternative’.

This classification unlocks a 45% funding uplift on ECO4 projects.

You can find SolShare as ‘Innovation Measure Number 18’ in this document.

E.ON are the obligated energy supplier who facilitated the submission to Ofgem.

MCS acceptance for certification

The MCS have confirmed that solar PV systems that contain a SolShare can be installed according to the relevant MCS standards.

Following commissioning, each flat will receive an MCS certificate based on the kWp associated to it.

Note: As the SolShare is not a power generating module (PV panel) the MCS have confirmed that it cannot and does not need to be MCS product certified. This is why the SolShare itself is not an MCS certified product.

SAP acceptance for assessments

SolShare is applicable for SAP 10.2 PV credits.

Under SAP 10.2 it falls under M1.2.a:

If the PV output goes to particular individual dwellings, the electricity generated is credited to the dwellings concerned. This applies to calculation of CO2 emissions, primary energy and fuel costs.

When a SolShare system is installed, the precise kWp associated to each flat is set during the commissioning process. The solar installer will use this value to apply for each flat’s individual MCS Certificate. This individual kWp value is used for the flat’s SAP assessment.

Assessment software companies like Elmhurst Energy have confirmed that SolShare should be included in SAP assessments under the ‘one dwelling’ option. Specifying the exact kWp associated to each flat for this.

SHDF Wave 1 & 2 applicable

SolShare has been included in numerous successful SHDF Wave 1 & 2 bids.

Even though SHDF Wave 1 & 2 are a fabric first approach, SolShare solar systems are able to be included in bids as long as it was part of the 50% contributed element of the bid. This has been confirmed following meetings with the SHDF team at BEIS. If you would like confirmation, please contact your Turner & Townsend SHDF representative.

10-year warranty

SolShare is supplied with a 10-year parts a labour warranty.

SolShare has live fault monitoring, so if there are any performance or technical issues, Allume Energy are immediately notified over-the-air and can arrange for a service call to assess and rectify the issue.


SolShare meets TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements V2.6 requirements, most notably Section 15: Product Suitability.

Installation Quality Assurance

To ensure the SolShare is installed safely and appropriately, only certified SolShare Installation Partners can purchase and install the SolShare. Certification is achieved by completing comprehensive training modules.

Certified installers are provided a unique code. A SolShare system commissioning process can only begin once the installer has entered their unique code into the commissioning app.

The SolShare commissioning process involves a rigorous, automated inspection procedure to ensure that the system is connected correctly before allowing for the system to be commissioned and become live.

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