Allume's Kristy Battista talks about her determination to be a great CTO

Allume team next to the SolShare
Kristy works hard to create a great team culture

When becoming a CTO for the first time I thought hard about the following questions:

  • What are the responsibilities of a CTO?
  • What makes a good CTO?

Some months later a few things became clear to me.   

I am an expert in product development; in taking a technical concept through requirements, prototyping, verification & compliance, transfer to manufacture, and out into the world. I want to utilise this knowledge to solve problems that genuinely make a difference in the world. But my fire, my passion, my inspiration comes from helping people grow and evolve to all they can be.

And it would be through making those around me better that we would get the SolShare out to the world. And in getting the SolShare out to the world, we would help preserve the environment and make solar accessible to all.

Kristy Battista overseeing a SolShare technical discussion
Kristy overseeing a SolShare technical discussion at Allume's manufacturing facility

So, what do I focus on to achieve my vision as CTO at Allume Energy?

  • Inspiring a vision and excitement for where we are going, and ensuring each individual knows the importance of the part that they play in that vision.
  • Clear expectation setting with regular check-ins to ensure ongoing alignment.
  • Constantly switching between facilitator, mentor, coach and leader depending on what the situation requires.
  • Truly empowering team members to step up and take on responsibilities that maybe they did not even realise they were ready for.
  • Creating a feedback culture. One where positive reinforcement happens daily and constructive improvement feedback happens regularly.
  • A supportive and inclusive environment, where people can bring all of who they are to work.
  • And very importantly, a good dose of fun and laughter.

This approach is having fantastic results. I am so proud of the professional growth I have seen in each and every individual, of the highly functioning and cohesive team that we are building, and how this is translating to growing business success.

The past year has also reinforced for me that if there are no examples of leaders around you that look like you or think like you, that does not mean you are not meant to be a leader. Forge your own path! Being authentically you is the most powerful leadership asset that you have.

I believe Allume Energy will continue to have increasing commercial success with the SolShare as we will continue to reflect, adapt and evolve to ensure we:

  • Develop technology that solves a market need
  • Develop the team with the skills, the mindset and the passion to deliver that vision
  • Develop innovations to remain an industry leader

And that’s why for me, the T in CTO is as much about Team, as it is about Technology.

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