The numerous benefits of solar energy are well known - lower electricity bills, reduced bill shock, and smaller carbon footprint. These benefits are especially impactful for community housing residents. But until now, supplying solar energy to apartment residents hasn't been an option.

We’ve changed that and made solar power for apartments possible with the SolShare.

The SolShare has caught the eye of many of Australia’s Community Housing Providers, including Housing Choices Australia, Evolve Housing and Housing Choices Limited.

“We are hearing from our residents that they don’t need to worry about electricity bills to keep warm in Winter as they have accumulated some savings from Spring to Autumn”

Ravi Koneru, HCA Assets Coordinator

Why is this new?

Allume’s SolShare technology enables solar to be installed on apartment buildings behind-the-meter. What this means is that each apartment resident keeps their existing NEM electricity meter and can choose whichever energy retailer they like. This is significant because it allows residents to keep their energy independence.

How Allume Works

Allume manufactures the SolShare, a world first technology that enables solar to be shared between apartments. We sell this hardware to solar installers across the country, who install complete solar systems on apartment buildings: panels, inverters, batteries etc. and the SolShare.

Why is this important?

We understand that you may have existing relationships with solar installers and that you may have to go to tender before installing a solar system. As we can supply the SolShare to any certified solar installer, you have full control over which solar installers complete the job. We just enable it to happen.

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Case Study - Housing Choices Limited - Altona North, Victoria

Case study details of the SolShare on a community housing building in Altona North, Melbourne

The Details

Location: Altona North, Victoria

Number of apartments connected to the SolShare solar system: 44

SolShare solar system size: 66.6kW DC - 60kW AC

Number of SolShare units: 3 x SolShare 35

Amount of solar energy per apartment: 1.33kW AC

Average electricity bill savings per resident: $432

Estimated payback period: 5 years

Kg of CO2 saved per year: 93 tonnes, the equivalent to 213 barrels of oil

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