For years detached houses have enjoyed the benefits of rooftop solar: lower electricity bills, greater energy independence and reduced carbon footprints. But apartments have been left behind with no solar solution.

We didn’t think that was fair and so developed the SolShare: The world’s first device for sharing rooftop solar between apartments. At last, you and your neighbours can enjoy rooftop solar too.

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Savings on your electricity bill

A rooftop solar installation + SolShare can reduce the amount of power you take from the grid by up to 50%. Typically, that means savings of over $500 per year!

Increased property value

Apartments with solar have a higher market value and are more attractive to prospective tenants. Studies have shown sale prices can be up to 4% higher.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Most of the power on the grid comes from dirty coal or gas power stations. By installing rooftop solar, you are helping to displace fossil fuels from the grid and do you bit to tackle climate change and poor air quality.

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Everyone benefits

The SolShare allows you and your neighbours to share a large rooftop solar installation. The SolShare ensures that solar electricity is sent to your apartment when you need it, and to your neighbour when they need it, to maximise the benefits.

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How to get the SolShare?

There are two main ways of getting shared solar on your apartment building:

  1. The owners corporation/strata body of your apartment building pays for the system upfront, one of our solar installer partners installs it, and then all residents enjoy free solar electricity for the next 20 years.
  2. Sign-up with one of our partner energy retailers to have the system installed at no-upfront cost, and then pay a low tariff for the solar you use.

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