Traditionally, solar on new apartment buildings has been a challenge.

The only existing solution has lied in embedded networks. However, the restriction they impose on the freedom of residents to choose their own retailer, and the challenge in passing on solar savings to the residents, have made these unsuitable for many buildings.

Additionally, embedded networks are difficult to make financially feasible without high energy usage, making them uncommon in small, energy efficient, apartment buildings.

Allume’s behind-the-meter solution, the SolShare, cuts through these barriers. It allows a single rooftop solar system to be connected directly to the apartments in the building, without the need for an embedded network.

Learn how the SolShare works

The SolShare optimises the distribution of solar to ensure participating residents get sent their allocation when they are using energy, helping them to save the maximum amount of money from their shared system; whilst ensuring everyone gets an equal share.

This leads to up to 30% more savings to participants than individual systems of the same aggregated size. Additionally, costs are saved by the economies of scale of installing only one system.

The SolShare needs no change to standard metering infrastructure and hence is cheap and easy to include in the electrical design of a building. It also does not need to connect to all residents in the building, opening up delivery models where buyers can choose whether to upgrade to solar without obligation.

Allume Energy is proud to be partnering with Mirvac to offer rooftop solar to their customers using the SolShare.

Mirvac are committed to offering cutting edge solutions to their customers to improve financial and sustainability outcomes, this partnership is proof of that.

The first building to have a shared system being installed will be the Folia apartments in Doncaster.

If you are a property developer, ESD consultant or solar provider looking to offer solar to new multi-dwelling builds, we would be happy to help.

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